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Portrait of Amy Winters-Voss, a spunky lady sporting purple bangs. Is she up to something?

Stories are like air—we can not do without them.

Amy Winters-Voss, also known as Shyredfox, is the author of The Liminal Chronicles urban fantasy series set in modern mythical Japan. She adores Japan and textile arts. Other projects she's involved in include:

  • Running the vssCollab Twitter based flash fiction challenge and publishes the corresponding In Threads zine

  • Publishing the Kreative Kaiju zine. It takes a whimsical look at the monsters that keep creatives from being their best. If we can remove the fangs from something, we can conquer it.

  • Is active in the Game of Tomes (a house-based writing game for authors and other wordy creatives). She was an organizer for several years. Currently, she is on graphics team, heads the Self Care Mafia (encouraging writers to take care of themselves while we all laugh at ourselves too), and is one of the Seneschals for House Meles.

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Amy Winters-Voss, AKA Shyredfox, is the author of the urban fantasy novel Rise: The Liminal Chronicles. She adores Japan and textile arts. Find her books at liminalchronicles.com. Join her very short story challenge at worldanvil.com/w/vsscollab.